is a nonprofit organization which aims to raise awareness on independent films from ASIA.

The festival will showcase the best and most popular films with cinematographic and diverse stories from Asia. When half of the world’s population comes from Asia, a festival of Asian films like AIFFA in a metropolitan city like Tempe will enhance multicultural understanding, provide an impetus for diversity in economic life and add to the vibrancy of culture in the city.

The creation of AIFFA, founded by Ihman Esturco, was inspired by the roundtable meetings at the FACINE San Francisco, with its festival director Mauro Feria Tumbocod, Jr. as the artistic director, Evelyn Vargas-Knaebel (actress/producer and advocate of Philippine cinema) as the programmer, as well as Martial Knaebel (former Director Artistic of Fribourg International Film Festival) as the festival adviser.

AIFFA will be carried out by Asian Americans in Arizona and across the globe.

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