Directed by KIM Tae Yon

Singapore | Feature Film | 2019 | Language – Korean | Subtitle – English | 64 minutes

Seung-tae Baek, Hee-Bong Cho, Go Choi, Min-gi Kim, Su-an Kim, Ha-Kyoung Lee, Jeong-suk Park, Mi-Hyen Park, Sang-ju Park, Jae-Hyun Shim

Produced by 
LIM Jae-won, PARK Kwan-su

Previous Festival and Awards: Busan International Film Festival, Korea
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, Germany
Kaliningrad international film festival, Russia
International Film Festival for Children and Youth Cinema in Sneakers, Poland
Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival, Israel
Sakhalin Open Film Festival of the Future “Light Play, Russia
London Korean Film Festival Teaser Screening

From this world to the next, 4 Kokdus accompany the dead to find eternal peace.

Brother and sister, Soo-min and Dong-min sell their grandmother’s shoes in a junk shop to buy a puppy. On the day they bring a puppy home, grandmother falls sick. Feeling guilty they head to find her shoes back. While searching the shoes in the pile of junk, they get lost and are sent to the underworld by mistake. There they meet Kokdus, the guardians to console and lead the dead to the underworld. With the help of Kokdus, two children set off the journey to find their grandmother’s shoes.



Theater (TBD)

Sat | Dec 7 | 1PM

Theater (TBD)

Sun | Dec 8 | 7PM

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