The Asian International Film Festival Arizona (AIFFA) invites emerging student filmmakers to join myFILM Arizona, Your Story in Minutes!

myFILM is a competition to tell one’s story and moments in a five to seven-minute creative video documentation that carries a profound message about one’s culture and ethnicity and how it plays out living in Arizona. Selected entries will become part of AIFFA’s 3-day Film Festival on December 6, 7 and 8 at the Pollack Cinemas and will be shown together with Asia’s 10 best films, pre selected for the festival screening.

AIFFA’s Youth Ambassador Shalina Baysan, a junior film student and President of the Philippine American Student Association at the Arizona State University welcomes the festival and believes that the competition will provide a timely and wonderful platform for Asian minorities to highlight their talents and gain representation in the local film industry. “myFILM Arizona, will definitely have a huge impact on the younger generation, most especially those who are in high school and college. It is around this time where we truly value our representation and actively utilize filmmaking to express ourselves,” she quipped. The competition is expected to gain interest among the public and produce several entries because the equipment allowed to be used for filming is a smartphone, a device accessible to all. This may well be an innovative  in filming competition which opens an opportunity to everyone who does not have access to high-tech apparatus but with creative talent in producing quality films.
”It is a great opportunity for showcasing new talents while also providing a window into the lives of young people in the community,” Shalina concluded.


  •  Share our vision and plan of organizing the 1st Asian International Film Festival Arizona and 1st MyFilm, Your Story in Minutes (Mobile Category).
  •  Engage amateur film students from ASU and other film schools to participate and submit their entries to the MyFilm competition.

Contest Rules

  • Online Registration will open on September 10 
  • Deadline for Submission of Entries: November 15
  • Registration Fee: $10.00 per entry (maximum of 3 entries per individual or group) – non refundable.
  • Film Running Time: minimum of 5 minutes, maximum of 7 minutes
  • Produce, Shoot, Edit & Score from a Mobile Phone (Iphone, Galaxy, etc.)
  • Final Format: MP4 
  • Theme: Any Asian theme/topic/culture/person/object that impacts your life.

TOP 3 Winners will be showcased during the Asian International Film Festival on Dec. 6-7 at the Tempe Pollack Cinemas

1st Place – Wins $1,500.00 plus trophy 

2nd Place – Wins $1,000.00 plus trophy

3rd Place – Wins $500.00 plus trophy

For more info contact Shalina Baysan, MyFILM Arizona head coordinator at 602 628 6075 or email at